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PETA mocking TSA

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PETA is known to cause controversies, and this time it is over some of its new ads that are mocking the TSA.  A new video ad starring Pamela Anderson portrays Anderson as a sexy TSA agent that is ripping leather, fur, and animal-made clothing off of travelers.  Some travelers are even walking naked through the scanning machines.  PETA has also released a number of still photo ads, including one that consists of a woman only wearing a bra and underwear that have the phrases “Be Proud” and “Be proud of your body scan: Go Vegan”.  Many airports are banning both of these ads.  They feel that they are not appropriate for airports and disrespect the TSA’s job to make sure the airlines are safe.  They are making light of a serious matter.  These ads also cause much controversy because the TSA’s new body scanning machines are also controversial and many people believe that they are invasive and deny people’s rights to privacy.

Another reason that these ads are an issue is because they appear to be objectifying women.  This is a huge issue that has been blowing up on Twitter.  The musical group Marina and the Diamonds even tweeted, “Why is PETA always objectifying women in name of ‘sexy, vegan provocation’?  They are an embarrassment of a charity”.

PETA makes controversial ads such as these on purpose for the point of drawing attention to their cause.  To them it does not matter if some of it is negative because they want people to hear their name, remember who they are, and remember what they stand for.  So in conclusion, it seems that they succeed when they created and distributed these specific ads.

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December 6, 2010 at 12:05 am

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