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Post-Avatar Blues

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While this is not the most recent news, it connects to a topic discussed in class earlier. Compared to the linear plots and low quality filming of the movies of the past, these new multifaceted and almost unimaginable films envelop the viewer in a much more significant way. Through the use of high quality cameras, computer enhancement and three dimensions, James Cameron was able to create a world like none-other in the 2009 box office hit, Avatar. By using a third dimension as a way to create depth and reality, rather than using the it to have items on the screen pop-out at the audience, Cameron creates a much more realistic view on the planet Pandora. The idea that an audience is involved with a movie to such a degree that their lives seem meaningless without it, though a bit over the top, proves the point that entertainment in the present day media is much more of a complex cognitive workout than entertainment of the past. It seems hard to believe that anyone in 1939 went through a post-Wizard of Oz depression, feeling as though their lives were meaningless without it.

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December 6, 2010 at 12:07 am

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