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The Cyber Monday Phenomenon

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Sales may have started on Black Friday, but Cyber Monday, the day designated for more online discounts, saw a twenty percent increase in sales compared to the Monday after Thanksgiving a year ago. Created five years ago, Cyber Monday is gaining momentum and evolving to keep people buying and spending more money after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Sites like, Target and Amazon have seen online retail sales sky rocket, and the best is yet to come. During mid December sales increase with the Christmas shipping deadline approaching, many companies offer free shipping deals during the holiday crunch. Shoppers are not just using their computers for cyber buying either. There has been an increase in cellphone usage for shopping online and for researching the best deals. The amount of cellphone shoppers on this year’s Cyber Monday was nearly double from last year. Social networking sites also played a role in getting the word out about discounts and sales. People and business turned to Facebook and Twitter to post about bargains and great deals. Cyber Monday reached new levels this year, companies will soon be preparing for next year’s blow out sales.


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December 6, 2010 at 12:09 am

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