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Twitter-Cocktail Party Analogy

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Social Wendy shares her views on Twitter being like a cocktail party, or an industry associate meeting. The fact that this has become a comparison says a lot about the professional world, and how Twitter has even hit home to many professionals. She describes the industry associate meetings as the monthly meeting where you go there, and everyone knows whose going to be there. You look forward to seeing these people, and you also look forward to sharing things with them. She then begins to describe the steps you take, as you put on a name tag in the meeting, and that name tag is a symbol for a twitter username. She says how cool it would be if the meeting had hash tags above for what everyone was talking about – for example, a group of people talking about wine. She discusses this to say that folks would then know where they could join into the conversations that they cared about. She says how effective twitter really is, with the capability of being able to discuss topics with people who want to be discussing those topics. She compares joining the conversation at the meeting to following someone on twitter. This video really shows how beneficial, and truly amazing twitter is.


Written by lindsey klein

December 6, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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