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Data-Mining Online

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This video and article shows the various impacts of online data-mining. It goes through the process of how companies are able to track consumers online and build a database of information on each individual person. Ever notice how ads are targeted towards products similar to things you have bought? That is because of the data mining that these companies do. The government has no real regulation on it but want the companies to have more transparency. Some of the companies are now getting together and will show the information that they have about you. Some of the information they have can be pretty scary – being able to find out what income level you are and virtually all of your interests. When the information is put online the companies will not disclose all of the information they have about you, but they will let you edit what is displayed to correct anything wrong – which only gives them more information about you. It has been argued to have a “Do Not Track” list on this site, similar to the “Do Not Call” list. However, advertisers are strongly opposed to this. Do you really want these people to know all of your information?


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December 11, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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