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Google eBooks launches in US, and aims for other countries in 2011

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This article talks about how Google just launched their new web-based ebook offering, called “Google eBooks”.  Now there are three big competitors in the ebook market, including Amazon, Apple, and Google. Google will allow people to buy ebooks from independent sellers as well, and all Google ebooks will be able to be read on any device that you can login to your account on. Google has also built in an added feature that allows you to store your ebooks in its online library, so if you lose or break your device you still can access your ebooks. Free apps are being developed to allow Google ebook access on Andriod and Apple devices as well.

I’m sure ebooks will eventually take off as hard-copy books become outdated, but as of right now, I will still continue to purchase my hard-copy books. Even though ebooks allow you to change the font and line-spacing to fit your personal needs, I still think reading from a screen takes time to get used to. Yes, having to carry a single laptop or I-pad is easier than having to carry four different books, but it is just not the same. I am not sure my brain could handle and adapt to having to retain words and information from a screen and not physical pages in a book. Until hard-copy books become a lot cheaper or a thing of the past, I will not begin to train my brain for ebooks yet. As for the younger generations, if children grow up with ebooks instead of hard-copies, than their brains will not know the difference and they will be able to learn from them just as easy as it is for older generations to learn from hard-copies.

Overall, Apple probably has a competitive advantage over Amazon and Google because of their other top-notch products that are very popular. If you already have a Mac Laptop and Ipod, why wouldn’t you buy an Ipad for ebooks too. I’m sure all of the ebook prices will be around the same for each company, so it is really going to be determined by who can market better and draw in customers first.


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December 11, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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