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The Wii: Better for Grandparents

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This article basically discusses the impacts of the newer  motion-controlled video game systems such as the Wii, Xbox Kinect, and PlayStation. There had been studies done on these motion games among the youth and teens and also among the elderly. Basically, there is no benefit to youth for these motion games physically, because they don’t require enough energy to improve your health. The most equivalent exercise to playing these games was found to be a brisk walk. They also found that youth generally did not play many of these motion games as long, usually for only 2 weeks, because they preferred games with more on-screen action (i.e. war games etc.)

The group then went and studied elderly patients in both the 70s and 80s. After only a few sessions of playing games such as Wii Bowling or some of the balancing in Wii Fitness, they were able to greatly improve their balance and reduce their Wii age by an average of 8 years, while the younger players could only achieve a 1 year reduction. The whole idea of these “exergames” may be targeted to the youth, but the group they have the most benefit and potential on is the elderly. So will we be seeing a shift in the players these motion games? Watch out this Christmas…your Grandparents may be coming over to play the Wii

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December 11, 2010 at 10:42 pm

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