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America’s Fascination with Sarah Palin…

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Palin Killer

It blows my mind how fascinated people continue to be with Sarah Palin. One long-standing principle in our country has been the separation of church and state (which she clearly would never be able to live up to), but I think we as a nation need to adopt a principle of “separation of politics and reality television”. TLC recently debuted a reality series based on the life of Palin and her family. The premiere episode earned the network its highest rankings ever. It is mind-boggling to me that people can’t see through the facade of the show….that it is part of her political machine that is intent on inundating us all with propaganda. Sure she is a “real person” with a “real life” and a “real family”….guess what? So is everybody. The show on TLC is no more real than “Fantasy Island”. It just scares me how readily our fellow citizens grasp on to this kind of garbage. We really are a land of simpletons, I guess.

Sigh….at least Dancing With the Stars is over (although Bristol is STILL making headlines). This show, again, was all part of Sarah’s war machine strategy. She basically forced her daughter to do this show so that America would remember her for something else other than “living in sin” and being a teen mother.

I hope one day she can give it up and return to being a normal “real person”….off in the desolates of the Alaskan (Russian?) frontier….where none of us will have to hear about it.

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December 13, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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