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Assange Arrested

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So the founder of WikiLeaks is going to jail. Good riddance.  It kind of reminds me of the whole O.J Simpson thing.  Simpson literally got away with murder but went to jail for a lesser offense.  Clearly, Assange is a bad guy and a threat to national security, but he’s going to jail for something completely unrelated.  Truth is, I don’t care how they get him as long as they do.  People are claiming that the charges against him are being exaggerated, which is likely has no element of truth to it at all.  If Julian Assange were behind bars for the rest of his life, it wouldn’t be enough to make up for the national security threat that he has directly caused.

Some celebrities have offered to pay his bail.  It’s basically understood that the majority of celebrities who get involved in political issues have minimal knowledge of anything and are among the least informed and most unintelligent people that you will ever hear speak, and this case pretty much re-enforces that fact.  Like I said, Assange is a national security threat to several nations, which I guess motivates celebrities on the far left to be on his  side. The sexual misconduct is easy enough for them overlook as long as they can side with anyone who acts against the U.S government.


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December 13, 2010 at 9:56 pm

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