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The Amazing Drive for Survival

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One of the most incredible aspects of human nature is the drive for survival in extreme situations. It is there in every one of us, lingering until it is needed one day. The drive is stronger in some than others and some people pull off incredible survival feats. The trailer for the movie above shows one of the most extreme cases ever – a man cut his arm off at the elbow with a dull, rusty knife to free himself from being pinned underneath a boulder in a remote canyon in Utah. People who have seen this movie say that the scene is so disturbing that many people literally vomit within the theater – wow.

We should never get too comfortable in our lives. We have a very protected existence in America, but we should all remember that someday we might have to fight for our life. Is it in you?

Written by clairebevacqua

December 13, 2010 at 9:59 pm

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