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A high price to pay for illegal downloading

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Jammie Thomas- Rasset, a Minnesota mother of four has had severe recent battle with the media industry. She is still currently being penalized for illegally downloading 24 songs from the illegal file sharing network “Kazaa” in 2006. But the courts has finally come to a verdict on how much compensation she owes to the record industry. The jury ruled Rasset pays $1.5 million dollars, or roughly $62,500 a song! This is an extreme price to pay considering buying these songs on itunes would be about $25.

This lawsuit has been in motion for a few years now, constantly bartering between the lawyers about how  much they feel is just to charge Rasset with. Yes is was illegal and immoral to steal the music, but I’m fairly certain everyone knows this woman is not the only person on the planet that has committed this crime. So why her? The Recording Industry Association of America, aka RIAA, is seeking to make this case a cautionary story for anyone considering illegally downloading music by reminding them there are penalties. RIAA even offered to settle with Rasset by requesting a significantly lower fine, $25,000, and admitting her guilt, but she declined.

Rasset, along with her team of lawyers, are not planning on settle with this amount. They are preparing to delve into their fourth lawsuit pertaining to this case. Yes, this is an extreme example that this poor woman has to face. Yes, it is bringing attention to the penalities associated with illegally downloading music. But I don’t think its going to cause a vast decrease in people illegally downloading music. With as many media outlet sources we have, its inevitable it is going to happen.


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December 14, 2010 at 11:57 pm

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