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Facebook legal dispute still going on

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Reading about the legal dispute that has surrounded Facebook since its creation in 2004 probably wouldn’t be as interesting if it were not for the production of The Social Network.  After seeing the movie, though, I was immediately interested when I saw the name Winklevoss. It just goes to show you what seeing a movie that is based on actual events can do.  Obviously, the movie was a big hit when it came out in theaters a couple of months ago, but I find the ramifications of the movie to be interesting.  Nobody was really concerned with the people behinf the website that changed the world until they actually saw the true story acted out on screen, at least part of the true story.  Last year, a headline and short article like this one would not have gained much attention if a reader were glancing at a news website.  Now, the name Winklevoss means something to people. I really think that people actually feel like they connect with the Winklevoss’s and know the story of what happened.  In reality, people know two actors who read from a script that was allegedly based loosely on true events.


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December 15, 2010 at 12:11 am

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