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Future of Holograms

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With the most recent communication advancement being mobile video chatting through the iPhone, it i not surprising to hear that holographic communication is not far behind.  The article “‘Star Wars’- Like Holograms Nearly a Reality” describes how new holographic technology is being developed at the University of Arizona.  Researchers have already shown a presentation of 3D holographic images from another location in nearly present time.  The hologram appears to be static, but it refreshes every few seconds so it becomes more clear.  The images appear to be 10 by 10 inches, and researchers hope to develop them further in the near future.  They claim that potential applications of this technology will be “video-conferencing, medical and military imaging, and updatable 3D maps.” The hologram appears in a plastic material frame.  The ultimate goal is to have this replacing all 2D screens used in everyday life.

Reading the article should not have shocked me seeing as technology is developing minute by minute; however, I found myself very surprised by this article.  Holograms have always seemed like a sci-fi, out of reach form of technology that is many years away.  Clearly, this was a misconception of mine, due to the fact that holograms are already being developed, and it is predicted that within a few years they will be life size and available for hospitals, businesses, and military bases.  It is clear that in today’s society, nothing is out of reach, and even the most far-fetched ideas have the capability of coming into reality.


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December 15, 2010 at 3:20 am

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