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Google’s top search terms of 2010

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Every December Google comes out with an annual Zeitgeist report, which is a content analysis of the search terms used through Google. This article highlights some of the top search terms of the year, along with the status of some of the Zeitgeist 2009 top search terms. Overall, the most popular search terms of 2010 revolved around new technologies. It was also noted that the search terms tend to reflect the times.

I found it interesting that the top search terms were about new technologies, such as iPad, iPhone 4 and Chatroulette. I like to see how today’s society utilizes the internet as a research tool. I wonder, though, is the popularity of these search terms simply correlated with more tech-savvy people using the Internet to research these products, or is there more to it? I personally think there’s more to it. This article is titled “Google search terms for 2010: Chatroulette beats Justin Beiber” because these technological devices are searched more than pop culture icons all over the media, such as Justin Beiber. I think this is not because pop culture is dying in any way, but because technology is immersing itself as a major component of today’s pop culture. Technologies like trendy Apple products create a culture around themselves, and always generate a buzz. Furthermore, while pop stars like Justin Bieber are fads that appeal to young pop music listeners, technological fads like the iPad are fads that appeal to a much greater audience in society (hence both middle school kids using iPads during recess and commuters using iPads on their train home from work). We are a technology-driven society.


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December 15, 2010 at 12:23 am

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