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LaMichael James, No Hero

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Athletes, especially elite athletes get away with a little too much these days.  Oregon running back LaMichael James has been one of the best players in all of college football this year, and that basically is the basis for this article being written.  The article attempts to portray James in a positive light, and goes so far as to talk about his childhood and his coach’s opinions on his character.  If you’re unfamiliar with James, i’ll provide some brief background. He was arrested on domestic violence charges last year, including strangulation, assault and physical harassment.  You wouldn’t know any of that by reading this article, however.  Here is an excerpt from it.

In this sentencing memorandum, James doesn’t come off as innocent, but he certainly isn’t the monster that the initial reports painted.

At no point in this article does the writer make an argument as to why James isn’t a monster, other than the fact that he’s a Heisman finalist.  It seems like a trend in the media today is to act like athletes have become better people just because their numbers on the field have improved.  The headline says that James has repaired his image.  I haven’t seen him do anything that would indicate that. His image wasn’t that he was a running back, it was that he’s a bad guy, and his actions say nothing to the contrary.


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December 15, 2010 at 12:12 am

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