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Miley Cyrus smoking a bong?

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Just days after her 18th birthday, Miley Cyrus’s friend videotaped her on a cell phone smoking from a bong, and it has recently gone viral on the Internet.  Allegedly she was smoking salvia divinorum a legal hallucinogen in California and not marijuana, but nontheless it has caused much controversy.  Is Miley, just being Miley?  Or is her life going downhill like many other childhood stars.  According to TMZ, “Miley turned 18 just last month, but she’s already five minutes away from a sex tape and her first trip to rehab.”

This is causing many parents to be upset.  Miley is their children’s idol, and seeing her become more provocative, and now smoking from a bong, is too much for them to handle.  They hope that this does not have influence their children’s behavior.

A lesson should also be learned from this, not just for Miley, but for all people, especially teens.  If something is photographed or videotaped and gets into the wrong hands, it can go viral and change a life.  It can be “sexting” or “drug-use”, or anything else that could be defaming.  The Internet is an extremely fast way to transfer messages, and it only takes one click of a button to ruin someone’s life.  Not that Miley’s life is ruined by this, but it is negatively affecting her and her career.  People need to be smart about what they allow to be put on the Internet.

You can watch the video here:

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December 15, 2010 at 3:29 am

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