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Snooki to help ring in the new year on MTV

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Up until reading this article, I have not heard any news about MTV’s New Years event for 2011. It is said to be true that Snooki, from “Jersey Shore” , is going to be inside the ball that is going to drop in the middle of New York’s Times Square to celebrate the new year. Snooki, along with other “Jersey Shore” characters, are going to ring in the year of 2011 as part of MTV’s New Year’s Bash special. While Snooki drops in the New Year’s ball, The Situation and others are going to be leading the surrounding crowd in fist pumping. MTV hopes to break the Guinness World Record of the amount of people fist pumping in the same place during the New Year’s celebration. Comedian Whitney Cummings will host the special, including a performance by Flo Rida and a recap of the year in entertainment.

Never would I have imagined that a T.V. star, like Snooki, would be inside the New Year’s Ball in New York’s Times Square to help us bring in another new year. Reality T.V. shows have really became a hit in our society today and some even say that they are taking over our television entertainment. Even from my look at television shows from before to current, reality T.V. shows are fading away from games and competitions like Survivor, and are heading more towards the dirty, drama-filled shows like Jersey Shore.  This Halloween, you could find Jersey Shore character costumes all over because they were the big hit this year. Even most adults knew who Snooki and Pauly D. where because of how frequently the show appeared in the news, magazines, and comedy shows, like Saturday Night Live. I think it is a little disturbing that more people know about the show “Jersey Shore” than they do about the current political issues. What is next for the “Jersey Shore” stars, will they try to get an important position and govern a state like Arnold Schwarzenegger did as well? Only time will tell, but I definitely think “Jersey Shore” or reality T.V. shows in general, are not going anywhere in the near future, and will continue to shape our minds and control television entertainment.

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December 15, 2010 at 12:07 am

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