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UConn Football Player Arrested for Child Pornography

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In this article, it explains that UConn football player Gregory McKee has been arrested this past Wednesday for allegedly posting and viewing child pornography on a social networking site. Authorities were able through tracking technology to trace the postings to UConn, and then to McKee. UConn has had a very successful season, and is currently in line to advance in the Fiesta Bowl taking place on January 1st.

One of my close friends from home informed me about this incident, and told me that it had genuinely upset him. He is an avid UConn fan, and dedicates a large amount of time to supporting UConn teams- primarily their football and mens basketball teams. He was extremely angry to hear that McKee had engaged in such behavior, and his emotions about this instance reminded me of what we had discussed in class about the prominent connection so many of us feel to teams we support. UConn represents something that my friend from home believes in. Hearing about this news was beyond disappointing to him, as I’m sure it was for many die hard UConn fans.

Similar to the Michael Vick bulldog fighting situation, many fans will be affected by the news of McKee’s pornography endeavors. It is hard whenever an athlete, whom so many fans idolize and support, has this type of disgusting behavior revealed. I am sure that UConn will experience a lot of negative press in the weeks to come, as the Duke lacrosse players did a few years ago when it came to the rape incident. Child pornography is one of the most heinous, inexcusable things circulating the internet these days- if not the most. Not only is it safe to say that McKee’s football career is over forever, I think it is very likely that many strong advocates of UConn may lose their allegiance to the team. Actions such as McKees have long lasting, drastic effects on fans, seeing as so many feel such a strong connection to the players they watch.


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December 15, 2010 at 12:06 am

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