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On December 5th, the social blogging site Tumblr experienced its own blackout of 2010. At around 7 PM, the site crashed, leaving users with the message, “We’ll be back shortly. We’re working quickly to recover from an issue in one of our database clusters. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience.” This is an annoying yet normal occurrence on Tumblr, usually going away after a few minutes. After a few hours however, it was apparent that the site would be down for awhile. Tumblr users everywhere went to Facebook and Twitter, posting statuses lamenting the absence of the site. A site even circulated called, where you could refresh all the things that could happen when Tumblr crashes. The next morning, the Tumblr staff released a message saying they were working on fixing a big issue and that things should be back to normal soon. By the night of December 6th, the site was back up and running.

Personally, I posted about Tumblr being down, as well as many others on Facebook. That leaves us to wonder, when did we become so attached to technology? Many people were frustrated and bored online because one site was down. Blogging sites can be fun, but it seems to be a little bit of an issue when we become so affected by the downtime of a  website, although this issue will probably never be solved. Hopefully the site will not experience such a crash anytime soon so that the 49 million Tumblr users will not have to suffer again.



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December 15, 2010 at 12:22 am

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