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Barbie has been pumping out new dolls for just about ever. In more recent years, they have managed to put forth some ideas that didn’t go over so well.  There was pregnant Barbie (who was actually Midge…Barbies best friend), Doggie Doo Barbie, and the overly tan Malibu Barbie. They have all been equally controversial, equally stupid, and equally disturbing (especially the pregnant one).

Barbie’s most recent launch didn’t really let us down, the new Barbie has a tiny camera mounted insider her chest, and the FBI is all over it. According to the FBI, the new Barbie presents an acute risk for child pornography, which makes sense. A nice little doll for pre-pubescent girls….with a hidden camera….maybe not the best idea. The idea is innocent enough, and the technological spin is understandable. Maybe this whole FBI freakout is a little unnecessary. But one thing is for sure, Barbie is running out of ideas, and we are all looking forward to their next ill advised business venture.


Written by arbloomer

December 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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