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Cloud Computing on Chrome

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Google has tried its hand at nearly everything on the internet. From being the universally accepted home of all knowledge, to the new way we communicate with G-mail. Google has never been afraid to jump into a new market if you need to go online to get there.  Google has also been getting more into the realm of the hardware developer.  Recently announced is the new Chrome OS.

If you have seen the Google Chrome browser, then the OS will look very familiar. It has similar features to the Mac OS, featuring apps that appear easy to install. What makes the Chrome OS unique is the focus on cloud computing.  In order to do anything on the laptop, one must be on the internet, because that is where it saves everything.  The focus on cloud computing allows you to never have to worry about losing information because it will always be accessible from a computer equipped with the Chrome OS. However, the downside is you always have to be on the internet.  ALWAYS.  Which is simply impossible in certain parts of the country.

Interesting to note, Chrome OS laptops will not be equipped with the caps locks feature. Google is doing us all a favor in reminding us that caps locks is not cruise control for the cool patrol.


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December 17, 2010 at 2:36 pm

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