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Online “Call of Duty” Leads to Arrest of 17 Year Old

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A 17 year old boy has been connected with the crime of disabling the “Call of Duty” game for many online users.  The Games company contacted the police in September, and now, three months later, an arrest has been made.  It is believed that this boy made “Call of Duty” unable for play while allowing some people to continue playing and score more points while doing so.  It seems that this game was blocked from many users for an extended period of time.  The teenager is currently in custody for abusing the Computer Misuse Act.  The Detective on the case has stated that crimes like this not only have an affect on individual players, but companies are seriously affected as well.  Gaming makes up a large sector of the retail market, with millions of games being sold day to day.  It is clear that this arrest will lead to an investigation on other computer misuse crimes in the Manchester area.

I found this article very interesting for a few reasons.  There have always been computer hackers, and they are seen as dangerous for their capabilities in fraud and identity theft.  In more recent times, computer crimes are being seen in a seemingly less dangerous scale; however, they are obviously still very influential.  While it may seem as if pulling “Call of Duty” off the online gaming world for a month or two is nothing serious, with just some angry users left in its wake, it has led to the arrest of a 17 year old boy.  In addition to many angry gamers, his action has had an affect on the retail value of the game itself.  With many people offline for an extended period of time, sales must have dramatically decreased with no new users wanting to buy the game without having access.  It is very interesting that the actions of a 17 year old boy through a computer game could have such a wide-scale effect.


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December 17, 2010 at 2:33 pm

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