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The Metrodome collapse

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The roof of the famed Minnesota Metrodome collapsed this weekend, leaving the New York Giants and the Minnesota Viking to play on a changed date, Monday night, in Detroit. Something like this has never quite happened before, and crews have been out and about trying to repair the roof since early morning.

The implications of this are more than simply a changed game and the need for a quick fix. The Metrodome has one of the few inflatable roofs in the league, which is ten acres and held up by means of 20 electric fans.

There’s so much talk about protecting players from the elements, but- as this incident shows- maybe the protection is moot point, if the elements can overcome something like this. Bring football back to the days where no matter what weather, the game went on. No more temp-controlled, wussy domes to protect the players in what is increasingly becoming a shadow of the aggressive, macho game it once was.

Give football its dignity back.

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December 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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