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A Family Guy Christmas 2. Freakin Mediocre

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Road to the North Pole

Grade: B-

Family Guy took a second effort at making a Christmas special, but despite getting some laughs, I would rate the episode as below a great episode.  With the hour time block and “Road To” theme, along with the additional Christmas premise, I have come to expect more from Family Guy then what I was given.

The basic plot of the episode consisted of Stewie being disappointed in not being able to see Santa Clause, and plotting to go to the North Pole.  The middle of the episode continued  in typical “Road To’ style, with Stewie and Brian venturing to the North Pole, complete with obstacles and musical numbers along the way.  Eventually they reach their destination, only to find that the North Pole is run down, and that Santa has become very sick from all the work Christmas has put on him.  Stewie and Brian attempt to deliver the presents for Santa, but they end up making a mess of things, and the entire world misses out on Christmas.  As a last resort, they bring Santa onto the news to show the world what has happened to him, and everyone resolves to ask for only one present to cut down on his workload.  The episode ends at next years Christmas, with everyone being happy with their present.

Despite laughing a decent amount during the episode, I still felt like it should have been a better episode.  For starters, the entire episode was based around Brian and Stewie.  It is pretty much unanimously agreed that Peter is the funniest character on the show, and he was only in this episode for a very short amount of time.  Brian and Stewie have already had their own episode this season, and I think it’s safe to say that if Peter were on screen more it would have been a better episode.  In addition, the journey to the North Pole was significantly less funny than others in the Family Guy series.  I felt that the episode really went into a lull here, and that there needed to be more done with this part of the episode.

Overall, I’d give Road to the North Pole a B- grade.  The episode gave me the quick laughs and jokes that are typical with a Family Guy episode, but it lacked the funny storyline to go with it.  In the truly great Family Guy episodes, a good part of the jokes come from the plot itself, but in this episode they really did not.  The one liners and other jokes were definitely there, but if you’re reading this Seth, give us the plot line to go with it.  That’s why I have always loved Family Guy, and hopefully the next one hour special will leave us on the floor, dying in laughter, as I have done so often from Family Guy.

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December 18, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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