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Brenda Starr Comic Strip

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I’m not personally familiar with the comic “Brenda Starr”, but I was astounded to find out that it had been running for 70 years until its cancellation (the last comic will be on Jan. 2nd). It originally came out in a Chicago paper in 1940, and worldly reporter Brenda Starr has been going ever since. In a world of many things coming in and out, its rare that you see something like this. I personally can’t image keeping a comic running for 70 years, but it was done. Not only was the comic running for 70 years, but it ran 7 days a week. That is an absolutely staggering number of comic strips, and its an accomplishment that shouldn’t go unnoticed. So hats off Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich and artist June Brigman, and of course creator Dale Messick, a job well done.

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December 18, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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