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Facebook privacy settings finally go mobile

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This week, among numerous other changes to the site, Facebook changed how you are able to access your privacy settings by making the privacy dashboard available from mobile devices.  On December 8th, it was posted by Facebook’s product manager, “Now you can see a detailed view of the information you’ve shared with various applications and websites and adjust your settings on the go. A full list of all the applications you use, along with when they last accessed your information, is now available in the Applications and Websites section of your privacy settings.”  These new privacy settings are currently only available for mobile devices and are an extension of the privacy settings for computers that was upgraded in August.  With much of the social networking now occurring through mobile devices,  privacy is becoming a bigger concern.  Both through smart phones and web available phones, accessing the internet from a mobile device causes concerns.  When you are on a wi-fi network, people can easily hack on to your site seeing your private information.  This is just another step to prevent any unnecessary Facebook visitors.

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December 18, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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