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George Lucas to release Star Wars in 3D

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According to BBC News, in the article linked below, George Lucas is planning to re-release all six “Star Wars” movies in 3D.  To me, this could be one of the worst decisions ever made.  Why would George Lucas, the mastermind behind the most epic trilogy in the history of movies, want to change the movies to add a third dimension?  The answer is simple: money.  The “Star Wars” movies are already some of the most popular movies both among critics and audiences, and all of them did extremely well at the box office when they were first released.  In fact, the original “Star Wars” was actually the highest grossing film of all-time for twenty years, until it was taken over by Titanic.  Granted, many will argue that Lucas is a genius, and will go to the extremes to make sure that the 3D is added to perfection.  But why even bother changing them to 3D in the first place?  The story is brilliant, the effects are already amazing, there’s really no need to convert it to 3D.  Many movies that were originally shot in 2D turn out awful when the conversion was made, so why risk it?  It’s because of the money that the movies will bring in.  People would definitely go out just to see how the movie would look if it is released in 3D, because, I mean, it’s “Star Wars” in 3D: who wouldn’t want to see that? Personally, I’m not a fan of 3D at all, I don’t really care how cool it makes the movie look.  To me, it’s just the movie industry out to make money, since the tickets cost about $5 more just for the 3D glasses.  Nowadays, it’s tough to find a new movie that isn’t in 3D, which really annoys me as a frequent movie-goer.  Movies can be great without 3D, which Lucas definitely proved when he first created these movies.  With all of these new movies being released in 3D, and all of these old movies being re-released in 3D (the article also said that the first 3 “Shrek” films will be converted to 3D), it really shows just how the movie industry is being driven by money, which, to me, isn’t what movies are really about.


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December 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm

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