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The Youth Can’t Be Tamed

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As all child stars grow up, they seek the same things in life: to avoid fizzling out and to distance themselves with the target audience that made them famous in the first place.  2009 was Lindsay Lohan’s arrest-filled year to shine.  2010, however, belonged solely to Miss Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus.  She started the year off like any normal, barely legal celebutante would.. releasing a racy music video and thus distancing herself from her pre-pubescent fanbase.  As the months passed, the bare midriff and trashy dancing reigned supreme, but there was no preparing for the explosion that would come in December.

Last week, TMZ leaked a video of Miley hitting a bong at a party and smoking what was allegedly salvia, a legal hallucinogenic plant.  The video, which runs about two minutes in length, consists of such classy phrases as “You’ll sh*t a brick when you see this video,” “You’re not f*cked up enough,” and “Am I tripping?!”  While highly entertaining (not because you’re watching a career wash completely down the drain, but because Miley’s loud yet deep cackle is infectious), the video speaks volumes about modern youth in our society.

Each day, an inebriated photo or video gets posted to Facebook for the world to see (unless you possess one iota of intelligence and have learned to manage privacy settings).  Therefore, one questions as to why Miley’s TMZ leak is any different than that.  I would love to say there isn’t a difference and this should be a non-issue Billy Ray sweeps gently under the metaphorical rug.  HOWEVER, the girl has been idolized by millions of little kids since her buck-toothed days on the Disney Channel.  Putting yourself out there on the Internet looking that inebriated sends the wrong kind of message.  What that message is, I’m not entirely sure.  Regardless, there’s no denying the girl is headed to Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew within a few short years.

Yes, salvia might be a legal substance.  Yes, she may be having some harmless fun as all teenagers do.  But if you’re in the spotlight and within one year you went from singing about a Britney song coming on the radio to how you “can’t be tamed,” gyrating in a leather tube top at your birthday party, and doing bong hits as your friends laugh at you, you clearly have a couple screws loose.  And yes, you are not someone I want any child of this country to look up to.


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December 18, 2010 at 3:42 pm

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