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8 Surprising Items That Set off Security Alarms

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In my public presentation class, someone spoke about the security alarms in airports, so when i came across this article I thought I thought it would be interesting to read about it since I heard something about airport security.

In the beginning of the article it says, ” Did you know that something as simple as a gum wrapper can trigger airport alarms? In this artical it tells us 8 ways that you would have never thought of, that you could set off the security alarms.

1. Aluminum Foil Wrappers

2. Retractable keys

3. Headbands

4. Small alcohol bottles

5. Snow globes

6. Inhalers

7.Underwire bras

8. Jars of peanut butter


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December 19, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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