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Illegal Music Downloading Finally Out of Business?

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Anyone who does not buy full albums of their favorite singer’s hits or even pay for these songs by downloading them on iTunes is familiar with many of the programs once offered to download music for free. Recently, however, perhaps the most popular program for downloading free music has been shut down by the government. After losing a copyright infringement suit, LimeWire has officially been ordered by a New York judge to shut down. Since this program was very popular among many, people are starting to believe that illegal music-file sharing is now out of business.

This not only upsets the active users of LimeWire but also puts this program’s employees out of jobs. Chief executive George Searle stated that they are doing everything they can to work with the music industry and come up with a new music service. Even if this is possible, there is no way that it will be as convenient as LimeWire once was.

Personally, I am surprised it took this long for LimeWire to be shut down. Everybody is aware of this program as well as the fact that it is illegal. Avid music downloaders also knew that what they were doing was illegal, but did it anyways. In some cases, people are even being sued for their illegal downloads. Even though LimeWire is now out of business, I do not think that free music downloading will end. People are always coming up with new ways to download their music for free and this won’t be the event that stops it. It is only a matter of time until new programs exist that allow us to get our music for free – even if it is illegal.

Written by daniellep

December 19, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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