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Wikileaks and the US: reactions

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WikiLeaks and the issues the site is bringing to American government and companies are major to say the least. The implications of the leaks haven’t nearly reached the surface and already Youtube is flooded with interviews, liveblogs, parodies, and informative videos relating to WikiLeaks and its director, Julian Assange.  What I find troublesome is the way in which other countries are considering the situation, and developing perceptions about the US and how our government is handling the heat its getting. Wikileaks has left us vulnerable.  I feel like it has given countries reason to criticize diplomacy and question their trust in the United States.  Foreign ambassadors will probably think twice before speaking openly with US officials in the future.  News around the world makes it seem as though the US is incapable of keeping discussion of sensitive issues confidential.  For example, I found an NMA tv video on Youtube called, “Internet Companies Cave to US on WikiLeaks”.  Notice the rhetoric; “cave”?  They even bring Governor Palin into the mix, depicting her as a redneck ready to chase down terrorists with a rocket launcher.

Videos like these are dangerous because of their simplicity.  People who aren’t familiar with WikiLeaks and the recent dumping of confidential exchanges would look for a video just like this to help grasp the situation.  This video is simple, fun, and easy to follow.  Whats dangerous is ability to portray ideas that a video like this can take advantage of.  They can persuade the ideas and beliefs about the situation any which way they please.  When this ‘home-grown’ type of Youtube media is mixed with such controversial story, things can easily become misconstrued.


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December 19, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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