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Big Name Trades

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People find comfort in sports.  When students go off to college and leave home for the first time, its nice to be able to see your home team on TV.  You recognize the numbers, faces, and the way they play with each other.  This feeling of being apart of a family, being apart of the team you have rooted for since you were born, is what makes sports such an attractive media outlet.  Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to share such a connection with a major league sports team.  Big name trades in sports have resulted in the heartbreak of millions of fans ever since players were allowed to be traded.

The media today gives fans the opportunities to connect with teams and players in ways that have never been possible.  With shows like “Hard Knocks” and chances for journalists to get closer to the field than ever before, fans can see players interact not only on the field, but in the locker room, in personal interviews, and at practice.  How could you not love Rex Ryan after seeing him up close and personal at the Jets training camp?  But its not the coaches that fans idolize.  Its the players.  And when big name players, players who are covered closer than the rest, fans are set up to suffer.  For example, when Joe Montana left for Kansas City, San Fransisco was distraught.  Montana fans were hurt and they would never forgive their once beloved quarterback.  More recently, see example of such deception in Lebron James and his move to Miami.  We all know how that worked out for King James fans.  Derek Jeter, despite all the rumors, did not end up being traded.  Jeter is respectable for realizing how much New York City has given him and he is responsible enough to express respect and stay.  And who is next, Carmelo Anthony?  Rumors are circulating about his desire to be a Knick.  Are all these trades reason enough for fans to question their allegiance to their heroes?  Will Anthony stay and be like Jeter, or is it time for his devotees in Denver to start looking for a new jersey to wear?


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December 20, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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