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Cliff Lee vs LeBron James

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In an Oct. 18, 2009, file photo, Philadelphia Phillies' Cliff Lee pitches against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first inning of Game 3 of the National League Championship baseball series in Philadelphia.


Now Cliff Lee is going to the Phillies. I hear people comparing him to LeBron James now. I see no way that this is possible. Why would someone compare Cliff Lee to LeBron James? They say that his actions, signing with the Phillies, are similar to LeBrons. This is by no means correct. Cliff Lee has been on 4 different teams in 2 years, so he has no loyalty to any organization, like LeBron had to Cleveland.  Lee never betrayed a city, LeBron did. Lee didn’t get together with the other top FA to form a super team, LeBron did. LeBron had the talent to make any team a playoff team but instead he felt the need to form a “super team” with fellow superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. When Lee signed with the Phillies he sort of formed them into a super team as being just the last piece of it, however he went about it a different way than LeBron did.

Lee going to the Phillies is like what it would have been if LeBron went to the Lakers or Dallas, putting them over the edge and going to an already previously successful team. I would not compare Lee’s actions to LeBrons. LeBron could have been one of the best ever, he would have been an icon, not he is just an superstar whose name belongs next to the likes of Rudy Gay, Chris Paul, Monte Ellis, as just superstars, not basketball icons. Wherever Lee could have went he still would have done the same thing. His legacy would not be any different if he went to Texas or the Yankees. He would have been an Ace starting pitcher anyway so why not go to the place you like the best.


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December 20, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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