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E-books have become the biggest craze over the past year. With the development of the IPad, Kindle and Nook people have even further gravitated to downloading books instead of buying them in paper form. With these new devices we are now able to read various forms of publications such as newspapers, magazines, journals, and books instantly. Its seems as if these new technologies are increasing their capabilities at a fast pace. This brings into questioning how will this affect the print industry? In my opinion, it will have a great effect and I believe that the industry will slowly become extinct. Reason being is that the print industry was already threatened when the Internet made literary works available to the public. With the development of these new devices such as the IPad, Nook and Kindle, people will now be able to read almost anything with the click of a button no matter where they are for a low price. These new technologies have brought convenience and affordability to readers everywhere, and although books and magazines can be affordable, they can not compete with the convenience of technologies.


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December 20, 2010 at 6:52 pm

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