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LBJ/MJ Commercial Mash-Up

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The Lebron James “Rise” commercial is nothing new. Everyone has seen it. It has even been discussed on the blog several times. Fun Fact: the art director of the video is a Marist College grad.  However, the new viral version of the video is what appears to be Michael Jordan poking fun at the commercial and even knocking Lebron down a few notches with the concluding, “Maybe you’re just making excuses”. However, despite the ostensibly real production value, the video is actually a mash-up of the “Rise” commercial and an older MJ Nike ad. The two commercials have been cleverly blended to appear as though MJ is reinforcing the idea of “Queen James” as the Cleveland fans have began to call him. According to NBC Sports, Jordan actually made a call to the Associated Press after his children sent him the video to assure the public that he had nothing to do with the creation of this video. While entertaining and thought provoking, this type of commercial hijacking is a dangerous game to play. Similar to the issues that DJ/mashup artist Girl Talk has with copyright infringement, the creator of this video could find themselves in deep water as Nike is clearly not pleased. Videos like this are made everyday, though most are unseen by a large crowd. This begs the question, is this type of altering and reproducing of copyrighted material only an issue when the material becomes successful? How is this video any different than someone mashing up an old episode of the Brady Bunch with scenes from the 1990’s hit Clueless (besides the fact that no one would watch the latter)? There is an inconsistency in the logic.

Written by Kenman

December 20, 2010 at 6:43 pm

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