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Miley Cyrus takes bong hit

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“This is pathetic” said Bill O’Reilly when talking about the video of teen phenonmenon Miley Cyrus taking a bong hit. Has her partying completely ruined her image as a role model for the younger generation? In my opinion yes. In my opinion she has completely hit rock bottom and there is no way I would want my 13 year old sister watching Miley Cyrus in any television show or even listening to her music. By Miley getting away with these non-professional actions is telling the public and the youth of today that these actions are okay. The article posted on this blog expresses the views of Bill O’Reilly and how disgusted with Miley’s behavior he is. Bill O’Reilly is an extremely influential talk show host and his opinion on circumstances such as these make an impact on people of every age.

Written by britteng

December 20, 2010 at 5:23 pm

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