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Earlier this month, NBC launched the second season of their singing competition The Sing-Off.  The show features 10 of the top a capella groups in the country, compete with the winner receiving a recording contract.  It is set up like American Idol, with three judges who narrow the field down then the fate of the competitors is left up to fan voting.  However, The Sing-Off is much more fast paced than American Idol.  There are only five shows, with the field being almost cut in half after the first two.  The winner will be crowned next Monday.

One contributing factor to the show’s popularity could be the growing popularity of Glee and the “glee club” type of music.  The Sing-Off is all a capella singing, or singing without background music.  It seems to be registering with younger viewers, as its viewership among 18-49 year olds continues to increase with each episode.  Last Monday, it was first place among major networks for the 8:30 half hour.

Watching The Sing-Off, it is clear that the competitors have plenty of talent and the show is certainly interesting.  They come from a wide range of backgrounds, but are all competing for the grand prize of a Sony recording contract.  If you like good music, I definitely recommend checking out The Sing-Off.

A video of the group Committed on The Sing-Off:

Written by Eric Vander Voort

December 20, 2010 at 6:56 pm

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