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I found<a href="“> this article and video as I thought about  the discussion we had in class today. I  decided to share this because it provides a different outlook on what was presented in class, that also shows how videos can impact the opinion of audiences, since the article is accompanied by a video that visually show what is occuring in Egypt visuals that allows people to form their own opinions about the situation in Egypt. What made this story specifically interesting to me was that the story specifically shows the importance and the effect of the media on people and that the story made me reflect on just how much power facebook and twitter have in today’s world. In my opinion, the effects of these social networks, along with media like texting, has made it possible for the spread of information to be quicker. I also think that these media are effective because as new technologies develop, access to the internet grows faster and thus information  is spread quicker. I also believe that banning internet and thus banning facebook and twitter like the Egyptian  government did is possible because governments hold the right to control what the people are exposed by using the excuse that  the people should not be exposed to such media.


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February 9, 2011 at 5:16 pm

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