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All The “Girl Talk” About Success

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In the New York Times article, The 373-Hit Wonder, writer Zachary Lazar does a piece on Greg Gillis. Greg Gillis is the mixer, and ultimately the “artist” behind Girl Talk, the performer that performed at Marist’s Fall SPC Concert last year.

The artist himself amuses me by much more than the fact that his newest album, “All Day,” has a cataloged 373 samples of previous pop songs. On another note, this article seemed a bit surreal, being that this artist — despite his booming fame and sold out arenas — came to our school for a concert. As I was one of the crowd members and hand-picked dancers on stage, I got a full feel of what his live performances are all about. With that experience, and reading of the article, I came to appreciate the medium of which the writer published.

Reporting live performances as a written medium always seemed a bit puzzling to me. How could you describe a musician’s live performance without giving a sample of the music played? I never believed that all artists popular enough were interest-worthy of a big newspaper report without a taste of their sound. However, an artist that I’ve known before many people recognized the name has gotten an amazing article written about them. I admire the ability of the writer to identify all key points of live music performers today; describing their remarkable energy on stage and how it traveled from being shared with 3 people in an empty room to a stadium raining in toilet paper and confetti.

If anyone had the chance to attend the Girl Talk SPC Fall event, I suggest reading the article. Its detail in description put me back to the very moments I enjoyed at the show and is the very reason why I have come to appreciate this medium of reporting live performances; however, I am still a firm believer in having to see it to believe it.]


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February 13, 2011 at 5:02 am

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