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Does a mega computer sound familiar

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If you have or have not heard about IBM’s mega tablet computer Watson, the system can be described the visual of the movie “Eagle Eye” or Ultrahouse 3000, the temporary home security system on The Simpsons.

However, Watson’s processing system is not as apparent as the system in “Eagle Eye” or The Simpsons but it still has the strength of “2,800 powerful computers”, according to

Why am I talking about this mega computer tablet? Because the system is going through a three day competition on Jeopardy with contestants Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the first and second best contestants in the show’s history.

I did not even know that this was going on, my roommate told me about it right before the show started, and so we watched.

Though Watson got many of his answers correct and before these respectable contestants, I felt that competing against a machine was unfair. Computers are filing systems, they can process information much faster than a human being, it was an obvious disadvantage.

Despite the landslide win earlier tonight, the Final Jeopardy question showed that its processing skills may be limited by answering “Toronto” when the question was about an American city.

A technological advance like this is supposed to help the medical industry, according to one of the IBM commercials during Jeopardy. But my question is, in what ways? Is everyone going to be able to be a doctor now, with Watson supposedly able to provide the best treatments? Where is the work cut out for this profession now?

I am just afraid that these inventions will make all those robot or machine films taking over the world coming true, I can’t have it! Yes these technological advances have made things easier for us, but the best tool is our own brains, and we need to remember to keep utilizing it, so it doesn’t give up on us.

The final episode of this competition will be on Wednesday night on ABC at 7:00 p.m

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February 16, 2011 at 6:02 pm

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