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The media’s effect on V-day

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February is a month that is famous for various reasons. Not only is February the shortest month and a month dedicated to celebrating Black History month, but February is a month to celebrate love. For many, love defines the relationship between a man and a woman, but the definition of love and Valentine”s Day has changed. I found this article online that describes how Valentine’s Day has become a way to show affection for more than just the “significant other.” The article describes how retail analysts are finding that a rush of sales of colorful items, like pillow pets, for other family members and co-workes, has increased, which indicates that the holiday has transitioned from being a holiday that celebrates love, to being a holiday that celebrates friendship.

I think this is important to consider because I think that such change in the holiday is due to the media. The media usually presents the holiday as a means to share affection for the “significant other,” but the media has shifted this idea within the last years. For example, now commercials around Valentine’s Day also advertise products that can be purchased to show affection for friends, children, parents, etc., as well. I believe that this also shows the ability of the media to respond to the demands of the audience, since not all audience members have a significant others. The media has responded to this demand and has created ways to ensure that products sell to those that use Valentine’s Day as a way to show affection for the one’s they care about.

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February 16, 2011 at 6:01 pm

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