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Bursting Angry Bird’s Bubble

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On January 17, 2011 the Huffington Post published an article about a 14-year-old boy who has already accomplished a lifetime of achievement. “14-year-old’s ‘Bubble Ball’ App Knocks ‘Angry Birds’ Out of Top Spot” tells the story of Robert Nay, a kids from Utah with an unbelievable talent.

Since third grade, Nay has been developing computer programs and creating websites. When most kids were mastering their multiplication tables, Nay was teaching himself how to write code. It is possibly even more impressive that Nay runs his own company, Nay Games.

His game requires players to shoot balls at a formation of different colored balls without letting the balls clump up too close to the bottom of the screen. While I do not find the concept for the game particularly original or creative, I am amazed at the results. Bubble Ball took over the number one downloaded free app over the extremely addictive and wildly popular Angry Birds.

I would imagine that Nay has a fantastic support system at home. I can’t imagine that if his parents were unintelligent or discouraging, this kid would have had the motivation to even try to make his own game. I am sure that he is already working on his next idea(s), and I am willing to bet that the next one will not be free. Nay obviously has a lot of potential in the computer science industry. I just hope that he makes it through the awkwardness of high school without his confidence being hindered by his insecure and jealous peers.


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February 19, 2011 at 3:49 pm

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