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Teen Pregancy: Road to Fame?

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This week’s Us Weekly magazine shows happy couple Leah and Corey Simm  (known from Teen Mom 2)  smiling with their twin girls. I have only seen one episode of this show but I know some people are big fans of it and really like and support the girls on it. There are even web pages created by Teen Mom fan clubs where they discuss their thoughts and write to the girls saying they have their support. When I was younger I never heard about teen pregnancy and it was never showcased on television. Now that it’s more pronounced in the media I can’t help but wonder if somewhere down the line young girls are going to think that getting pregnant is going to make them famous. And what young girl doesn’t want to be famous? I’m sure the main purpose of the show is to make people aware of teen pregnancy, and that’s fine. But lately, and after reading the article in Us Weekly, I’m starting to wonder if the media is beginning to glorify it. Now, I don’t think that there are going to be ads telling us to go out there and “do it” but this article doesn’t frown upon teen pregnancy at all. The caption on the front page reads, “Leah and Corey talk for the first time about their painful split and how the babies brought them closer”. I think that’s great for them that they were able to work everything out but I feel like it sends a message to younger girls that if those two can work it out, so can they if they were in that situation. Teen pregnancy is a scary thing but when there are so many fans out there and the girls’ faces are put on the front of magazines, it doesn’t seem so bad. Especially if there are stories being advertised where the couple can get through their hardships and have their fairytale ending. I’m not saying that because of teen pregnancy in the media girls will go out and get knock up, but it’s interesting to see that something that was so taboo is now the cover story of a popular magazine.



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February 19, 2011 at 3:48 pm

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