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How violence is portayed in Sports Media

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During the NFL season there was an incident of a Jets coach tripping a Dolphins player. Sal Alosi was video taped tripping a Dolphins player and receiving a 25,000-dollar fine from the NFL. To me, it is sad that a coach inside in the NFL would use such a dirty tactic in order to gain an advantage over the other team.

However, this video is old but I think it flew under the radar it is worth showing.

In this instance Tyler Brayton got up off the bench and hit Chris Owen. He shows a clear desire to hit Owen, and by getting up off the bench, shows how he had clear intention to get up and hit Owen.

The Jets case was blown up in the media due to the fact that it was a coach, but also due to other off-field problems by the Jets. The Jets’ training camp was televised on HBO and coaches and players were criticized for their behavior, then wide receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested for a DUI, then there was questionable behavior between the Jets and a female member of the Spanish media, and then reports of head coach Rex Ryan’s wife in questionable acts. All these different events put a bad reputation on the Jets off the field.

This case to me was worse and something about media hype shows how this instance was widely unknown by the fans. The Jets were constantly criticized off the field for their behavior, so when Sal Alosi tripped a player the media continued to attack the Jets. Tyler Brayton’s incident, which to me is worst, went unknown. For example he YouTube video has its rights owned by the NFL and FOX, while the Sal Alosi video can be easily found. Which event that is worse can be debated both they both show poor sportsmanship.


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February 28, 2011 at 3:41 pm

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