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Just recently, when browsing through the news on the internet, I came across an interesting new iPhone app called “Confession: A Roman Catholic App.  This application allows users to make confession more “accessible” and “fun.”  The app will not take place of regular confession, but it was created to help guide the user through the process of confession.

The app, which guides the user through “Examination of Conscience,” helps the person discover what his or her real sins are, and what the person needs to be asking for forgiveness for.  While at first causing quite a stir within the Catholic community, the app was given the OK by Pope Benedict XVI, who thinks it is good for Catholics to embrace their faith with digital technology, since the world has become so digitized already.

I am not so sure how popular this app will be, at a cost of $1.99 from the iTunes store, but for Catholics who are uncomfortable with the idea of the sacrament of confession, or who are not sure exactly what constitutes as a sin, this application may be helpful.  This application is one of many which are changing traditional face-to-face interactions.

After reading about this application I decided to look into other new applications from the iTunes store.  The store has apps for everything from this confession application, to apps which help a person diet, exercise, cook, measure, and even decide on a restaurant to dine at.  These apps are certainly changing traditional ways in which people go about their day to day activities.


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February 28, 2011 at 3:39 pm

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