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Alien Life In Space: We May Not Be Alone

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In the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology we will get to see a groundbreaking study about our first knowledge of life in space. According to Fox News, astrobiologist Dr. Richard B. Hoover did a study on CI1 carbonaceous chondrite meteorites and was able to find fossil evidence of actual bacterial life.

Obviously this is a very touchy subject for some people. Many people in the scientific community and others in general have always had a hard time believing there really is other life out there. They would have to have some very substantial evidence in order to sway most people and fossil bacteria on old meteorites might not just be enough. Dr. Hoover understands that this is very controversial and many are hesitant to believe him. Because of that he had over 5000 Scientists look over his findings and work and it has been and is being highly scrutinized and analyzed by some of the brightest minds out there.

This can end up being very important over time if Dr. Hoover’s findings can be substantiated on or better understood. If we can do more to find out about life in space it would be incredibly huge for the world and this is the first step. According to the article, “it would suggest, well, life didn’t really begin on the Earth, it began as the solar system was forming.” As of now we shouldn’t rush to conclusions about these things, at least until the findings can be further verified. But this is still a big step in the right direction for those interested in alien life and outer space.

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