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Early last year I started hearing people talk about a site called Barstool Sports. All my friends starting posting portions on each others wall. It came to the point where they would check multiple times a day to see if any new articles, clips, or “smokeshows” of the day had been added. I looked on the site and although I am only a normal sports fan I found it to be hilarious and entirely entertaining. The site is also specialized for certain areas. It started with solely a Boston pages but added a New York page. These included regional stories and sports teams. As time went on the following only increased. A Philadelphia page was added as well. Instead of adding different cities the company took a different approach. They added BarstoolU which tells of different college sports and news. Of course they had to keep their signature “smokeshow of the day”,multiple pictures of one gorgeous girl who is given this coveted title, from different colleges around the nation. The last addition was StoolLaLa. A site made by a girl for the enjoyment of other girls. She features funny videos of her ranting about topics, funny clips, and of course the “smokebro” of the day. There was finally a blog that accommodated girls and I have been addicted to it for months. Much like my guy friends and Barstool, I check StoolLaLa daily. 

This is not just a blog about the growth of Barstool sports but also a recommendation from me. Log on to Barstool and you won’t regret it. You will most likely get addicted.


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March 9, 2011 at 5:18 pm

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