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Just Trying to watch the Women’s MAAC Tournament

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To me, the beauty about sports and media is that you can find sports information with a variety of different media. You can watch the game live on TV or stream the game online. The next day you can read articles online, watch video high clips on TV or online, and now you can read articles, and watch highlights on your cell phone.

This scenario played out this weekend for fans of the Marist Women’s Basketball team. The semifinal game they played on Saturday against Siena. The game was played live on MSG so you could have either watched on MSG or you could have also listened to the game on Marist’s Radio Station WMAR, which is usually streamed through iTunes.

However, on Monday this was not the case. The more important championship game was being played on Monday. MSG, which carried the semifinal game on Saturday, was running a rerun of “Devils in 60” while the MAAC championship game was being played. I began by listening to WMAR streamed through my iTunes but I wanted to watch the game.  After searching the Marist website I found that the game was being streamed on I had never watched a game on before so I was interested to see how the quality of the game would be. The stream worked very well, and it was very easy to find the game. Using did not damper my experience of watching the game because the stream worked very well, with a few minor glitches and pauses throughout the game.


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March 9, 2011 at 5:20 pm

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