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Leaking Lasers

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Lupe Fiasco’s highly anticipated new album, Lasers, officially hit iTunes and stores on March 8. But, eager fans were able to access the album sooner since it leaked on the internet. To lessen the hype, Lupe had been releasing one single a week since February 15 onto iTunes and even providing fans with the opportunity to listen to snippets and exclusives early. This was to no avail and somehow the entire album was exploited.

This same situation of piracy occurred with his first album, Food & Liquor, and is most likely what cost his album from going platinum. When fans already have full access to an album and are able to download it for free, they will most likely not purchase it at retail price. Hopefully, this does not happen with Lasers. I purchased the album on March 8 and I love it. It is a great collection of music with inspiring lyrics which deserves the honor of platinum.

From the album leak, the album received pre-mature negative reviews. I personally disagree but nonetheless, it is not fair to Lupe to receive negative reviews for something that was not supposed to have been released yet. People may have not been hearing finalized versions. On his twitter, Lupe said, “I never thought Lasers would inspire such negativity.” Negativity that it should not have received. Don’t download leaked albums and please, support your artists and help them to reach the stardom they deserve.


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March 9, 2011 at 5:20 pm

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