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Devastation in Japan

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Friday March 11, 2011, an earthquake with an 8.9 magnitude wreaked havoc throughout Japan. The earthquake itself not only caused devastation, but also caused a 23 foot tsunami to wipe out the whole coast of the country. Hundreds are left dead, thousands injured, and hundreds of thousands unaccounted for.

69 year old widow, Satako Yusawa was thankful today that her son and family were out of town yesterday, but mourned the loss of her son’s brand new house that he had borrowed alot money to build just last year.  The tsunami damaged the home as well as the area around it so seriously that Yusawa could not even identify exactly where the house stood after the tsunami washed it away. Yusawa is not the only one.  People throughout all of Japan are feeling the devastation of the quake. Cities were destroyed, homes gone, and lives lost. Natives of Japan claim that they have not witnessed a disaster like this ever in their lives. It was just another day at work for Yoshio Miura, when the earthquake began and cabinets from around his store began to fall off the walls. Likewise, Hiroyuki Kamada who was working claimed that “things were shaking so much we couldn’t stand up.”

The earthquake and tsunami have caused so much damage that survivors  can’t even imagine how they will rebuild their businesses, homes, and lives. Many of the survivors such as Naomi Ishizawa are thankful for surviving, but have many family members and friends in the North East section of the country that was hit the hardest, and that they have yet to hear from.


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